Etched Wine, Beer, and Olive Oil Bottles
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Terms & Conditions

Etching Expressions Terms and Conditions

We appreciate your business and strive to provide you with the highest quality customized product that we know will elicit . . .Wow!  

To provide you with the best service possible we operate under these guidelines: 

  1. Work of Art. All of our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans. As such, with any handcrafted product, slight variations in the finished product are expected and considered normal. While wine bottles are not created as a canvass for art, we work with the wide variation in sizes, textures and quality found in your favorite wine to make your order something you’ll admire and want to keep. Most wine bottles are produced by the manufacturer with a small number of abnormalities such as molding seams or slightly misaligned labels. These variations vary depending on the wine manufacturer, wine type and bottle design. These variations, which help ensures that each bottle is unique, are considered normal and are beyond the control of Etching Expressions.    
  2. Camera Ready Artwork.  All art must be camera ready or print ready, ideally in vector format with artwork that is exact size, positioned correctly and color separated, and fonts saved ‘as outlines’. Electronic files are preferred in one of the following vector formats: .ai or .pdf (.jpg or .tif are acceptable). Files that are in low resolution, such as those copied from the Internet, or of poor quality are unacceptable as camera ready. In most cases our graphic designers will usually be able to convert low-resolution artwork to higher quality at an additional cost.
  3. Design Charge. All orders include up to 20 minutes of free design work, which covers most orders. Custom orders or excessive re-works (more than three changes) may require additional time and are charged at our standard design fee of $75 per hour (1/2 hour minimum.). Proofs for custom design are provided for Customer review. Prompt approval (within 24 hours) is required to ensure timely production of your order. Any delay in the approval process may result in delay in the receipt of your order.
  4. Custom Designs. The Customer must typewrite copy for custom designs so that it is clear and error free. We will follow the exact specifications in laying out your design. In the absence of exact specifications, our designers will use their best judgment in creating your design. We will not be responsible for errors of Customer’s specifications (including misspellings or misuse of capitalization or punctuation) in your label or etch design.
  5. Copyrights. When providing artwork for custom designs, the Customer warrants they own or have rights to the copyright for all designs submitted. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Etching Expressions for any claims of copyright infringement.
  6. Release. Customer agrees that we may use their custom images in promotional material including displays, brochures, marketing materials, videos, websites and other marketing uses.    
  7. Payment Terms. Prepayment is required for all orders before shipment. Orders over $99 require a deposit of 50% before production. We accept checks, purchase orders, and credit cards (Visa. Master Card, Discover and American Express). A convenience fee of 3% is charged on all credit card orders above $200.
  8. Etching Services Performed. Etching Expressions will perform the following etching services on customers’ behalf, on bottle(s) of wine that you own and that will not be sold. Etching services include:
    1) Etching Expressions will remove labels from your bottle(s) of wine designated in your order form; the labels removed will be labels least likely to be shown when the wine is displayed at retail; and 2) Etching Expressions will etch the designs and phrases designated by you in your order form on your bottles(s) of wine where the labels have been removed. You may purchase bottle(s) of wine used in etching services from the source of your choosing. Etching services may be provided to you after you have purchased and own bottles(s) of wine, but before the purchased bottle(s) of wine are delivered to you.
  9. Estimated Ship Dates. All orders are contingent upon receipt of usable artwork, approval of proofs, forwarding of shipping addresses, inserts (if applicable) and payment. We are not responsible for missed ship dates if any required information is not provided in a timely manner. Our standard production time for one to twelve bottles is three business days and five to seven business days for orders of 13 or more bottles.
  10. Shipping. Shipping depends on the size and type of order. Our standard shipping is via UPS ground service or freight lines (for large orders). If you require rush service or wish to use alternate shipping methods you must contact a customer service representative. We are not responsible for late delivery due to service interruption, damage in-transit and weather. Due to the alcoholic content of our product, an adult over the age of 21years of age must be present at the time of delivery. UPS will not leave packages unattended, even if the Customer signs a release. Because of this, we also cannot ship wine to P.O. boxes. Please note that due to restrictions, we have very limited ability to ship outside of the United States. Laws on shipping alcohol vary by state and local jurisdiction.  Customer assumes all responsibility for delivery to their designated shipping state and location, including but not limited to seizure of wine by government authorities if it is illegal to ship into or receive wine in that state or location.
    The Customer is responsible for providing correct shipping addresses. UPS will assess charges for incorrect or undeliverable packages. The Customer is responsible for a $15 per package charge plus any return shipping fees (if incurred) for incorrect and undeliverable packages.
  11. Customer Provided Wine and Liquor. We will gladly etch or label any product you provide to us. The Customer is responsible for shipment of product to Company. The shipping address is: Etching Expressions, 2363 Newton Ave., Suite A, San Diego, CA 92113. We recommend that the product is professionally packaged and insured to ensure safe delivery.
    For customer provided product we offer optional insurance coverage in the event of loss or damage (including mis-etching) for $5.00 per item (bottle) or 10% of the value of the wholesale price, whichever is greater. If coverage is not explicitly requested and paid for, then Company assumes no liability in the event of any loss, damage or production errors.
  12. Underage. On rare occasions on special orders, where the Customer provides product and the Company is unable to source additional product, an underage of total products may occur due to normal production loss. In this event the Company will charge for only the actual number of delivered product. A credit for the price of damaged/lost product will be applied to Customer’s invoice. To prevent this situation, we strongly recommend that for any Customer provided product, an overage of at least 3% be provided to ensure we can meet your order quantities. Any overage product not used will be returned to Customer at Customer’s request and expense.
  13. Kitting and Fulfillment. If the Customer desires to include inserts, hang tags or other special procedures to process the order we will gladly accommodate any requests. Additional charges will apply.
  14. Dispute Resolution. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement, and not satisfactorily resolved are to be settled by according to the laws of the state of California, San Diego County. The losing party to any dispute shall pay all legal fees of both parties.  
  15. Cancellation Fee. In the event the Customer requests to cancel an order after receipt of a bonafide purchase order, there will be a minimum 20% cancellation fee. This covers production scheduling, die charges, art set-up, special ordering and product preparation. The Customer is responsible for the value of any work completed. Additionally, in the event of a special order where Etching Expressions has already placed an order on behalf of the Customer and the product cannot be returned or cancelled, the Customer shall be responsible for the full wholesale price of the special order.
  16. Prices. All quotes are good for 30 days from the date indicated on the quote.
  17. Quality Mark. We stand behind every bottle we produce. Look for the “etchingx” brand as a sign of quality on the opposite side of every bottle we etch.  

You must check the box indicating that you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions specified above.