Winery Label to Etching - Customized Etched Wine Labels

October 25, 2018

winery label to etch program - custom etch

We work with a lot of winery customers to take their wine labels and convert the labels on to an etch. 


The most popular use for this is to "label" their large format bottles with the standard label.  Large format bottles are larger than normal 750ml (standard) wine bottles such as magnum (1.5L), 3L, 6L and larger.   Often wineries will have a limited run of large format bottles.  Maybe 25 to several hundred. These bottles often are given away as show pieces to favored restaurants or wine stores.  They might be sold, but are often expensive. 


To set these bottles apart from their standard bottles, wineries engage us to etch their "label" on to the bottle.  We will mimic as much of the art of the label using deep etching as much as possible to create a look and feel that is unique, rich and inviting. 


As you can see from the picture, the deep recess displays depth and detail.  Since the bottles are larger, we often can get more details captured than on a smaller etch.  Needless to say these bottles take extra time and care. Typically projects can take from two to six weeks depending on the scope of the work. Often these bottles require a good deal of hand painting, where an artist is literally using a brush to paint in the details.  It's not uncommon for some art to take from one to two hours per bottle to etch and paint. 


We can do the bottles either empty of full. Even if they are full, the process does not damage the wine in any way, since the bottle is not heated.  The end results are as you can see stunning. 





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