The Best Bridesmaid Gifts Ever

April 06, 2018

Bridesmaid Gift

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are “team bride.” Without your bridal party to help, you might become totally overwhelmed. The bridal party is there to love and support you during one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life. The bridal party is your “A Team” of friends, they deserve the best bridesmaid gifts ever. If you’re like most brides, you are looking for bridesmaid gift ideas that are creative and fun for her bridesmaids. This is especially true when you’re looking for a personal maid of honor gift. Here are some unique bridesmaid gift ideas the bridal party will really enjoy.

Shower Her With Champagne

When you think wedding, you think Champagne, they go together like chocolate and strawberries. A bridesmaid gift idea or personal maid of honor gift idea that never disappoints is a customized mini Champagne bottle, or two, presented with a stemless maid of honor glass. This unique bridesmaid gift idea is the ideal bridesmaid gift idea to be gifted to the bridal party while in the dressing room. This best bridesmaid gifts ever really gets the party going. Of course you might want to have a couple of full-sized customized Champagne bottles available in the dressing room. This way the bridal party can save their unique bridesmaid gift idea mini Champagne bottles for keepsakes.

Actually, full-size wine or champagne bottles customized with your wedding details and picture are another unique bridesmaid gift idea when paired with a customized Champagne flute. When you’re thinking about best bridesmaid gifts ever, customized Champagne flutes as gifts for her are right at the top. They also make excellent personal maid of honor gifts.

The Best Bridesmaid Gifts Ever Can Work for the Groom, Too!

The groom has his own bridal party, the groomsmen. A unique bridesmaid gift idea that can work equally well for him is a customized Champagne or wine bottle paired with a personalized beer glass. This take on the best bridesmaid gifts ever make ideal groomsman gifts. The bride and groom can use identical customize Champagne or wine bottle and the same customized message on the different styles of glasses for gifts that are similar, but not identical.

Cook Up the Best Bridesmaid Gifts Ever

Another unique bridesmaid gift idea is a customized olive oil and vinegar set. A versatile and beautiful set, makes an ideal personal maid of honor gift. Since this gift for her olive oil and vinegar set is so practical and versatile, this bridesmaid gift idea makes a wonderful gift for the mothers and grandmothers of the bridal couple as well. After all, who the is more deserving of the best bridesmaid gift ever more than the mothers?

If you prefer not to give alcohol to the bridal party, the unique bridesmaid gift idea of the olive oil and vinegar set is definitely one of the best bridesmaid gifts ever. It’s also the perfect bridesmaid gift idea or personal maid of honor gift for the friend that loves to cook. What other gift for her is so practical?

Use Bridesmaid Gift Ideas When Asking a Friend to be a Bridesmaid

A fun and creative way to ask someone to join your bridal party is by celebrating your friendship with one of the best bridesmaid gifts ever. You can send her, or deliver to her in person, a package containing the best bridesmaid gifts ever: A customized mini Champagne bottle wrapped with two stemless maid of honor glasses. This gift for her allows you to toast your upcoming wedding and ongoing friendship with her. When she sees how much thought you put into the unique bridesmaid gift idea or personal maid of honor gift idea, how could your friend say no?

Personal Maid of Honor Gift Should Be the Best Bridesmaid Gift Ever

The maid of honor is a privileged role, and the personal maid of honor gift for her should the best bridesmaid gifts ever. The gift for her must be as unique as she is. After all, this is the woman you have entrusted with a thousand details for your wedding. While she will cherish any gift for her, why not show her how special your relationship is with a personalized Thank You bottle of wine or champagne. You can even put a picture of the two of you on the gift for her, perhaps taken at the shower. Imagine how overjoyed she’ll be when she opens the best bridesmaid gift ever and it’s truly one-of-a-kind gift for her.

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