10 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas that are Delivered

April 27, 2018

Bridal Shower

1.  A Classic Car Rental

Your wedding is your big day, so it’s time to kick it up a notch! You picked out everything but what about your ride? Renting a vintage car will definitely make your wedding unique. Make an impressive entrance on a memorable occasion. Find a classic car rental that comes with it’s own tuxedo-wearing wedding chauffeur, which offer complimentary champagne.    

2.  Customize Your Own Invitations

A creative bridal shower gift idea for guests can be customized shower invitations. A picture of each of the guest with the bride, along with a personalized message, will make memorable keepsake gifts for the bridal shower guests.

3.  Customized Mini Champagne Bottles as Wedding Favors

Champagne just screams “wedding”, so what better wedding favor than mini bottles of champagne. When the mini bottles are personalized, they make perfect wedding favors. Customized mini bottles are also a terrific gift idea for bridal shower favors.

4.  Large Personal Wine Bottles (Magnum Size)

Magnum size, personalized wine or champagne bottles make a wonderful gift idea for the bride and shower guests. The large bottle allows for almost unlimited customization, including photos or artwork along with the message. A couple of bottles can be opened during the shower and the rest sent home as keepsake gifts with the guests.

5.  Bridesmaid Toast Glasses

The bridesmaids can toast the bride in style with customized wine glasses, flutes or stemless glasses. This fantastic gift idea is not only fun for the bridal shower but also for keepsake gifts. Don’t forget when you’re ordering your bridal shower gifts for guests to order enough, the bride will be happy to take home any extras.

6.  Fun Date Night Jar

A fun, easy and personal gift idea is a date night jar. It’s so easy:

  • Find a cute jar with a resealable lid.
  • Obtain 20 $1 bills in good condition.
  • Print the list of 10 for $20 ideas.
  • Get some cute ribbon, it doesn’t at all have to be the same.

To assemble this great gift idea, cut out each item on the list then roll each strip around 2 $1 bills and tie with a ribbon. Put the date ideas into the jar and tie the whole thing with more ribbon.

7.  The Hint Box

This crafty gift idea can help the couple take some guesswork out of buying gifts for their spouse. Take a nice-looking box, with a lid, and decorate it, using Mod Podge; combined with these printable designs and any stickers or pictures you like. The couple then writes notes about what gifts they want and put them in your gift idea box.

8.  Couples Travel Map

Travel makes memories and this gift idea helps the bridal couple share theirs. A travel map marks where they: 1) have been, 2) plan on going, and 3) are hoping to go.

  • Buy a world map and a poster frame with no glass.
  • Make up a key and paste it on the map then put the map into the frame.
  • Use stickers or pins to mark locations visited, plan on going, and hoping to visit.
  • Present this gift idea with a box containing enough stickers or pins to cover all their travel plans.

9.  Anniversary Photo Album

Everybody has a big wedding album, but after that nothing so organized. That’s where the easy gift idea of an anniversary photo album is perfect. Buy a good-quality photo album and put a copy of the wedding announcement or invitation on the first page. Personalize the cover with the word “Anniversary” and the couple’s names. Every year around their anniversary, the couple adds a photo of the two of them, this gift idea keeps a record of their marriage.

10.  Personalized Wine Bottles

A gift idea that lifts ordinary wine up a notch with personalized wine bottles. For this bridal gift shower idea, you order the wine for the shower in bottles and customize for the occasion. Personalized champagne bottles make fantastic party favors for the shower guests as well as party decor. One fun gift idea is to order full-size wine bottles for the shower, and personalized mini bottles as favors for the shower guests.

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