Unique Birthday Gift ideas for Your Best Friend

May 09, 2018

Unique Birthday Gift idea

Precious Birthday Gift Ideas

It goes without saying that your best friend is unique, isn’t that one of the things that makes you click? So, what’s a one of a kind birthday gift idea that is personal enough for your best friend? How about a unique birthday gift idea that is useful and can be personalized to show how much you care. Here are some ideas to start you off, your imagination should be able to do the rest.

Personalized Champagne Bottles Make One of a Kind Gifts

Of course you’ll be drinking champagne on your best friend’s birthday, so why not really make it special with a personalized, etched champagne bottle. Since champagne bottles provide a large area for personalization, you have quite a few options for personalization. The champagne bottle is a bonus gift, it works for toasting now and as a keepsake gift to take home and treasure. Here are a few ideas for personalizing this unique birthday gift idea:

  • heart graphic with a sentiment like “thank you for being my friend for 20 years” along with your names, the date, and where you met.

  • For a “Big” birthday, her name, age, the date and details about the party venue. If it’s a large party, you will need to order several so you can use them for the birthday toast.

  • If you are ordering several bottles at once personalizing them with paper labels, instead of etching, will guarantee you that every bottle is identical. Another benefit is the bottle etching can be applied to smaller mini champagne bottles for unique birthday party favors. Actually, those mini champagne bottles could be used as invitations too. Who wouldn’t want to attend a party where the invite is a bottle of champagne?

These ideas also work perfectly for wine bottles, so if your friend prefers wine, go for that. The best thing about personalized wine bottles is they can be refilled and reused. Your unique birthday gift idea will be on display in your best friend’s home forever.

Personalized Wine Glasses Create a Unique Birthday Gift Idea

If your friend’s birthday is going to be celebrated at lunch or brunch, a fun birthday gift idea is personalized wine or champagne glasses. You can have her name and a message etched onto glasses that the guests are served their wine or champagne in. The guests take these unique birthday gift ideas home as keepsakes after the event.

Of course, the birthday girl takes several home, too. One distinctive way to present this birthday gift idea is a cocktail tree, it’s a metal holder with space to hold glasses. This way guests can “pick” their own drink. If the birthday girl really likes the cocktail tree, why not get her a new personalized glass every year on her birthday. She’ll think about your friendship every time she looks at her cocktail birthday collection.

A Birthday Gift Idea for the Friend Who Likes to Entertain

Does your best friend like to cook and entertain? Lucky you. A unique birthday gift idea for a cook is a personalized olive oil and vinegar set. She can display it on her table and use it when she entertains. You can personalize this birthday gift idea with a birthday wish for her or a compliment on her culinary skills. Your love for her will shine through every time she looks at the unique birthday gift idea that you designed to show how much she means to you.

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