All Star Game: San Diego FanFest 2016

IT’S HERE! FRIDAY! AND the start of the weekend for the MLB All-Star FanFest. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s not too late! San Diego is setting you up for a great weekend, for just $35. You get to meet and greet the players, win prizes, check out some classic trophies that are normally kept on the other side of the country, and so much more.
Watch out guys, San Diego this weekend is going to be wild. I personally think this city couldn’t be more perfect for an event like this; hosting an all-time American Classic sport in the best city of the country? (besides Boston) Count me in. AND the Convention Center (where FanFest is being held) is right next to so many good places to have a good cold beer like Mission Brewery! Wow, I had no plans this weekend, but now, this weekend is looking like one for the books.
Check out all the information you need on these VERY helpful sites! …And where to grab your beers after!