Chula Vista Rotary Wine & Food Festival

Last Saturday, Etching Expressions was thrilled to be part of the Chula Vista Rotary Wine and Food Festival. The club hosted the perfect outdoor event for tasting food along with beers, tequilerias, and of course wine under the warm Summer night sky! This event had live music, raffles and a silent auction to benefit Chula Vista Rotary service projects. Mixed in with all of the excitement were rows of classic cars worth drooling over as we poured our private label California Champagne all night long. We were excited to show off our Stoli Vodka bottle with the aid of Jim’s phone as the sun slowly descended into the horizon. All in all, it was a great event on a Saturday night.


Ladies sippin on some Champage


By the light of the iPhone, our custom etched Stoli Vodka bottle

Thanks to all of those who stopped by to check out our booth. We ended up giving away 5  $100 gift certificates in the raffle and silent auction. And a special congratulations goes out to Roxanne S who entered into our drawing for a free bottle.



EtchingX Sponsors Geek Girl Tech Con 2103

Mayor Bob Filner EtchingX booth

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner checking out a custom etched vodka bottle at the EtchingX booth at Geek Girl Tech Conference June 2013.

Mayor Bob Filner EtchingX Custom Etched Bottle

Mayor Bob Filner graciously posing for a picture with our 3 liter Etching X bottle.

EtchingX Geek Girl Tech Con Booth

Our booth at the Geek Girl Tech Con June 2013. Our custom etched bottles were a hit!

Sitting in a content writing class at Geek Girl Tech Con, our amazing presenter was Lisa Rothstein from DaVinci Dilemma.

Sitting in a content writing class at Geek Girl Tech Con, our amazing presenter was Lisa Rothstein from DaVinci Dilemma.

EtchingX was a proud sponsor of the Geek Girl Tech Conference 2013 in San Diego this last weekend.  The day started off on a high note when we were thrilled to be surprised by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner who stopped by and checked out our custom etched wine and vodka bottles.  We met some fascinating women in technology and sat in some workshops, which ranged from social media marketing, writing copy, and blogging to Java, CSS, and jQuery.

We gave away two $100 gift certificates for the Geek Girl raffle.  We awarded a third $100 gift certificate to a lucky winner early this week for EtchingX’s drawing.  Congratulations to Mary Stovall for being our winner!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Wine Marriage Proposal

Will You Marry Me?

What a unique way to propose…on a custom etched wine bottle!

Looking to do something different and special to ask your love to marry you?  Proposing with a custom etched wine bottle will give your future wife a keepsake that she will keep forever.

Having Fun at Junior League’s Food & Wine Festival

Beautiful setting for a food & wine festival!

Beautiful setting for a food & wine festival!

Manning the table

Manning the table with a fabulous hat!

Having fun with our 3L etched bottle!

Junior League hosted a Kentucky Derby themed Food & Wine Festival in May 2013. We were lucky enough to be a sponsor of the event and provided custom etched wine bottles as thank you gifts for all of the VIPs and for their charity auction.  It was a beautiful day and a breathtaking setting at La Jolla Cove, San Diego, Ca.  It doesn’t get much better than sipping wine and champagne overlooking one of the beaches in the US!  Junior League is a great charity that we enjoy being involved with, and we look forward to future events!

Custom Artwork on a Bottle

What better way to make a memory last a lifetime than to have it etched onto a bottle?

We took a photograph submitted by a customer and turned it into a work of art on a bottle!

Now they have a one of a kind souvenir.

Here at Etching Expressions, we can take your special picture and turn it into an etched masterpiece on a bottle that makes a great gift for any occasion.

Here is a great example that we just completed.  You can see the original image and the bottle that we made based on that image.

Boston Photo Etch

Boston Photo Etch

Demystifing the Perfect Wedding Favor

Many brides envision what their weddings are going to look like when they are young. They may know what their dress is going to look like, the color scheme and decorations, but when it is comes down to the real planning of their dream wedding, most brides quickly begin to realize that there is much more planning to a dream wedding. There are lots of small details that need to be ironed out by the special couple. After all, this is their special day and it can’t be less than “more than perfect”.

One of the most difficult challenges for a wedding is picking a wedding favor that the couple can afford as well as suit everyone’s taste. Since the wedding favor is a gift the guests will be able to take home with them, choosing an appropriate memento is an important block when building your wedding.

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse for a bride and groom planning their ultimate wedding. There is a wealth of information and ideas to be found, all accessible at the click of a mouse. You’ll be able to perform price comparisons between different products and read reviews from previous customers, all from the comforts of home. The catch? There is a lot of information. You’re overwhelmed as it is, so you don’t want to go over the edge sorting through an endless amount of websites. The trick is to use the Internet to your advantage. You’ll need to do this by focusing on what is right for your wedding and not idling around picking out things you think are “just nice”.

First, brainstorm together as a couple to think of ideas. Take into consideration the ambiance of your wedding. Is it a more traditional wedding or more off the beaten path? Are you having a destination wedding? Do you have a specific theme? Envision the whole feel of your wedding so that you can use your wedding favors to help continue the flow. If you’re having trouble envisioning your wedding’s look and feel, take photos of some of your key décor pieces and make a rough layout of your wedding. It doesn’t have to be exactly how your wedding is going to be laid out, but it should give you a rough feel as well as help envisioning what your color scheme is going to be. If it’s still difficult to envision, take a break and come back to your layout with a fresh pair of eyes.

Here is where the Internet comes to play. Now that you have a more focused idea of what you would like, its time to use the Internet gather some ideas. Try very focused searches as opposed to searching using general keywords. You’ll get fewer results that are hopefully more focused to what you are looking for. This way, you won’t be sorting through random websites that don’t really pertain to you or are simply distracters from what you originally envisioned. As they say, your first choice is usually the right choice.

Now you have an idea of what you want, so it’s time to search for some sources of the wedding favors you had in mind. Take a little time each day to do some price and quality comparisons between each wedding favor company. Some have more options than others, like if you want to personalize your wedding favor. This may be important if you want to stay within the color scheme of your wedding. Make sure you fully understand how long it takes to process your order and how your order will arrive. If possible, give yourself enough time just in case something happens to your order or if assembly is required before the wedding date. If you ever feel unsure about something, don’t hesitate to contact the wedding favor company and use their expertise. Hopefully they can eliminate any questions or concerns you may have.

Choosing the right wedding favors may take a bit of time, but many aspects of building your wedding will. Some parts of your wedding may mold faster than others, but it will be well worth the effort to plan the day you will remember for the rest of your life. Just remember to keep focus on what you want as a couple, because it’s nobody else’s special day but yours!

Utilizing Corporate Gifts to Maximize Its Benefit For Your Company

Whether you work in a small business or a mega corporation, corporate gifts are a regular part of the workplace. Either way, corporate gifts can range from an award to recognize an outstanding employee to gift baskets to celebrate a company’s landmark anniversary; corporate gifts are prevalent in every business or office. It’s basic etiquette to give a gift to a loyal client for a large purchase or during the holiday season.

With the way businesses are going, companies really need to consider where their money is being invested and whether certain costs are really necessary. Although it may seem tempting to eliminate corporate gifts from the budget, reconsider this. With loyal clients now wavering to look for other budget friendly sources, you may want to take the opportunity to kindly remind them why they’ve stuck with you in the past. Maybe you don’t have enough clients. A great way to introduce your company and be memorable is to hand out gifts to promote your company. Big or small, you need to leave an impression with your clients. Don’t forget those within your own workforce. If you’ve had to lay off some employees and have left the other employees picking up the pieces, show them you appreciate them for weathering the storm with you with a gift of gratitude.

Corporate gifts are little packages of appreciation given tastefully and appropriately so that you can convey your company’s message while keeping within the lines of a business relationship. They can also serve a second, and slightly deviant, purpose to act as a promotional product. Place your name and company logo on your corporate gift and you’ve invested in a cleverly hidden advertisement that will hopefully receive multiple impressions a day, without them even knowing it! Of course the real reason is to show that you care and pay attention to your client, because the more personable your gift the better.

Etched wine bottle personalized with laser etched wooden wine box for corporate wine gift ideas

Etched wine bottle personalized with laser etched wooden wine box for corporate wine gift ideas

Say for instance that you have a client who enjoys a nice glass of wine. This client may even consider himself or herself a wine connoisseur. You could buy them a nice bottle of their favorite wine, but after they drink the bottle it will be (hopefully) recycled, and how will they remember who gave them that delicious bottle of wine? Take this corporate wine gift a step further by personalizing the bottle with your company logo and their name on the bottle, along with a quick message to show your appreciation and gratitude. Now you’ve done multiple things with your one corporate gift:

• You’ve given a gift, which shows you care about your client
• You’ve catered the gift to your client’s specific tastes, which makes them appreciate the gift a bit more as compared to something they may not particularly enjoy
• You’ve branded this gift, inconspicuously, with your logo and name. Well done!

Clients don’t drink wine? Try gift baskets with tasty goodies for clients with a sweet tooth, personalized mugs for coffee drinkers, or a travel case for the client always on the go. Get creative; the recipient will surely take notice.

Each company should consider corporate gifts, as a gift of gratitude and promotional item, in their future business plans. It is a tool that is widely recognized but rarely used to its full potential. The idea is to take a little time and invest within the relationships between your company and loyal and/or future customers. You don’t need an excuse to send someone a gift, so take a chance to see a corporate gift’s potential for business and overall morale.

Wedding Coupon: $20 off $65

Wedding season is coming around, and despite our current economic status, I’m sure many of us have weddings that we would not like to show up empty handed to. If you don’t feel like going to a store and spending a horrendous amount of money at a registry, let us help you find a wine or champagne gift that won’t break the bank. An etched wine or champagne bottle is a gift that will surely make the bride and groom happy because, well to be honest, who wouldn’t want an etched bottle of booze with their name on it?

But, your fully customized and personalized etched bottle of wine does not have to end with just their names. Add their wedding date and your own heart felt message to turn your etched wine bottle from impressive to memorable. And if you can’t make it for their special day, we would be more than happy to send congratulatory wine bottles to the happy newlyweds! Don’t want to send alcohol? We have non-alcoholic options that we can etch or label for you.

And for those brides out there, I understand your pain as I help my cousin help her plan her wedding. Countless hours spent searching online for great, unique pieces and ideas at the cheapest price you can drill the shop owners down to. But you don’t need to fear as Etching Expressions has your wedding favors and centerpieces covered, even if your wedding date is coming up eerily fast.

Mini Etched Champagne Bottle Wedding Favor

Mini Etched Champagne Bottle Wedding Favor

My cousin Joanna and I settled on personalized etched mini champagne bottles with her and her fiancé’s name and wedding date etched in the bottle for a great wedding favor to give their guests. If etched champagne bottles seem out of your wedding budget, switch to the custom labeled champagne bottles for great designs and the same personalized touch. For centerpieces, we decided to tie her mini champagne bottle favor concept by placing one standard size 750mL etched champagne bottle propped up by a wooden wine box laser engraved with her and her fiancé’s name in a swirl-heart design. Grapes and some nice candle lighting take up the rest of the centerpiece and are surrounded with the etched mini champagne bottle favors. Wine inspired menu items as well as a soft champagne color scheme pull all the pieces together.

So, in honor of this year’s wedding season, my cousin getting married, and our new website launching, we here at Etching Expressions would like to offer you new and exciting customers (and old and loyal customers) a coupon for $20 off any purchase over $65. During the checkout process, be sure to enter the code “20OFF65” to redeem your coupon. Coupon valid for a limited time.